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We are a small charity based in Worcestershire. 100% reliant on donations, all funds are used to provide for the dogs in our care. We provide much needed care and a safe haven to unwanted, abandoned and mistreated dogs from across the Midlands. Please join us in safeguarding their future!  We hope you enjoy browsing our website, whether you're looking for a dog to join your family, or you simply want to keep up with the great stories of dogs who have been re-homed or just to read about all our other charitable activities,

 thank you for joining us.

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Saturday 23rd

Awareness Day

Pets at Home - Kidderminster 


MARTINI  - Approx 2-3 Years, Lurcher, Bitch

JIM - Approx 6 Years, Terrier, Dog

MILA - Approx 3-4 Years, Crossbreed, Bitch

BECK- Approx 8 Years, Chihuahua X, Dog

BEAM - Approx 7 Years, JRT X, Bitch

DENZIL - Approx 12-18 Months, Lab X, Dog

To find out more about these dogs or the other dogs currently looking for their forever home please visit their page on MEET THE DOGS!


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Dog of



Pets Corner - Kidderminster

A lovely evening spent with the staff at Pets Corner Kidderminster who kindly invited Forest Dog Rescue to their informal coffee evening to allow local animal related businesses to get to know each other. Lovely cakes and cool drinks for us, and for our four legged friends biscuits from Katie's Canine Kitchen and iced treats made by the staff that all the dogs enjoyed on a very warm evening. It was nice to see Hall Green Retired Greyhound Trust there, along with other various people, a most enjoyable evening had by all, and Thank you to Pets Corner for inviting us. 

Lucky 7 Scooter Club

We had another amazing group of people visit us today..the ."LUCKY 7 SCOOTER CLUB"

These lovely people fund raise for various charities and today we were honoured to have been one of them..

Tracey and her colleagues have been collecting food, blankets, towels and toys since last January and came to pass it all over to us today for the dogs in our care.

At least 35 to 40 kind, fun loving people have raised funds totalling £220 of which was used to purchase food etc, plus there was another £135 cash which came from different members plus our new found friends from the Black Star in Stourport (special hug to Alfie and Charlie please guys) thank you all for your kindness and generosity.Please accept our heartfelt thanks Tracey please pass on to all your incredible and so cheerful colleagues, really amazing troupe of people thank you 

We do try to thank everyone for their kindness and continued support towards FDR and hopefully we don't miss anyone, nothing is taken for granted and we consider this charity to be truly blessed by so many, thank you each and everyone of you 

Mike Smith Guitar Academy Students

Last Saturday evening (11 June, Kidderminster Town Hall) we had the pleasure of listening to a group of very talented musical students of all ages, all have been guided and taught by the Mike Smith They truly did him proud including his daughter Hollie along with another female vocalist, Charlotte!

The students had to learn given tracks by CD, then get up on stage and come together as a band and play their hearts out with no previous rehearsals at all with other members, what an astonishing achievement this turned out to be.

It’s no easy task to get up on stage and just get on with it so to speak, even the compere (Jeremy Brett) had to fill in with 3 minutes between each song totally unrehearsed! Well done Jeremy you did a really good job lol.

During a sort of interval, we were entertained by Pat Aston, he is also one of Mikes acoustic students and did 4 songs completely on his own, so relaxed!

Forest Dog Rescue would like to pass on their heartfelt thanks to each and every one who made this evening such a success, we’re guessing Mike has endured a few sleepless nights while getting all this together, well done Mike and thank you so much, you must be so proud.


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Oxford Street,  Kidderminster 

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the Month




Lottie originally came In from a private home and has found herself on the search for a new one as her owners couldn't take her with them to their new rental property we did manage to find her a home but has had to be returned as her owner became allergic to her fur.

In her short glimpse into home life she proved that she was house trained and was extremely loving to all family members especially their 12 year old son whom which she idolised. She was very affectionate and her behaviour in the house could not be faulted, it was a reluctant return but her owners heath had to take priority. 

Little Lottie is a beautiful natured dog and like many is hating it in kennels, she just wants to be curled up on a sofa with a human to call her own. When she first came in to us her lead work was appalling but admittedly her owner rarely had her on the lead so it was a new skill for her to develop, thankfully she has picked it up quickly and is improving daily. She does still need a reminder now and again as she forgets she is attached to you but with continuation of her current training she will continue to thrive. 

We have let Lottie off in our playpen where she does like to have a good blast and will come back to you if you call, her previous owner as mentioned above did have her mainly off lead so she does have a recall but this would need to be worked on with new owners to initiate a bond and ensure she comes back with distractions. 

Lottie is very energetic and inquisitive, she is also a big fan of tennis balls so we figured we would see if agility would be a hobby that she enjoyed. Safe to say she loved it and her tail didn't stop, ok we had to use a lure of a tennis ball but you've got to start somewhere! We also found that she has a very good obedience level, she will sit and wait then come back to you when you call. She is nimble on her toes being a small Staffie so she would make light work of an agility or flyball course with the correct training - she is definitely a candidate that would show the opposition what speed is! (click the link at the bottom of the page to see her first attempt of agility!)

Lottie's original owners said she does get on well with dogs out and about but has never lived with one before so for now it will be best to be an only dog in her new home. 

She loves to be cuddled and fussed all over and would certainly feel at home with and suit a family. 

Not cat tested and no children under 5

If you think you can offer Lottie the home she so deserves, please contact the kennels on

01299 269 181

Thank you!



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