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We are a small charity based in Worcestershire. 100% reliant on donations, all funds are used to provide for the dogs in our care. We provide much needed care and a safe haven to unwanted, abandoned and mistreated dogs from across the Midlands. Please join us in safeguarding their future!  We hope you enjoy browsing our website, whether you're looking for a dog to join your family, or you simply want to keep up with the great stories of dogs who have been re-homed or just to read about all our other charitable activities, thank you for joining us.

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Sky - Approx 12 Months, Collie - Bitch

Lucy - Approx 7 Years, SBT - Bitch

Henry - Approx 5 Months, Cockerpoo - Dog

Rex - Approx 2-3 years, Boxer X - Dog

Noddy - Approx 5 years, JRT - Dog

Sam - Approx 6 Years, Collie X - Dog 

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Meet Ozzy! SASHA


SBT X, Bitch

Approx 3-4 Years Old 

Meet the lovable Sasha who came in to us as a stray so unfortunately we do not have any history about her, however since being in kennels she has proved herself to be quite a character, she adores people and loves nothing more than being close enough to you for kisses and a belly rub.

Sasha can be strong on the lead but with a firm handler she does walk to heel, however we have now tried on a canny collar and she walks beautifully. She does enjoy having a run around the play pen and has also walked around our fields with other dogs and has not reacted to any of them but we would prefer her to be the only dog in the home. Not cat tested and no children under the age 5 as no history known.

If you think you can offer Sasha the home she so deserves, please contact the kennels on


01299 269 181

Thank you!




The unbelievable kindness continues, many thanks to Wilkinson's and their customers in Kidderminster for this amazing donation of food, treats, toys and is that a bottle of shampoo I can see in there? lol Wonderful, thank you all for your incredible generosity 


Thank you once again to Morrison's in Kidderminster and to all your customers who have so kindly filled yet another trolley full of donated food for our guests, truly is very much appreciated, thank you all very much.  


A donation was kindly brought up by Cath & QuickQuane. 
They literally posted 600 leaflets through neighbours doors asking for donations! 
They split their wonderful donation between 2 lucky Charities and FDR was one of them - there's toys, treats, blankets, washing powder and all sorts in there! How incredible is that!
On behalf of all here at FDR, well done and thank you both so much.


Forest Dog Rescue would like to share our latest news with you all, partly sad and partly happy.
Sad because the world has lost one of many of the brave and honorable men who fought and survived the war years. 
We have been informed Mr John Henry Jones was a Lancaster pilot during his war years and was always known as a gentle and caring man. After the war years he continued with an active life and had a humbling love for animals
After his passing, it was announced he had left a considerable amount of money to 8 very lucky Charities, along with Cat Rescues, the RSPCA , plus Heart and Cancer charities, Forest Dog Rescue was also included in his choice. 
When things like this happen, its sad that we never met this wonderful human being and yet he still considered us worthy of his choice, we will never be able to thank Mr Jones personally but we will be sure everyone connected with FDR will know that because of this man's kindness and generosity, we stand an even better chance of securing not only the kennels but also the future of this Charity to continue with its work. 
We hold a hefty mortgage on the kennels and work hard to not only look after and care for all who come our way but to keep a roof over their heads too. 
The legacy from Mr Jones will be a great leap forward towards the mortgage, we still have a long way to go but this unbelievable gift has raised the hearts of all here at FDR.
We thank all who knew Mr Jones and who have not only helped us but many others continue their with dream.
There will be a Plaque placed on the kennel grounds thanking and remembering this lovely man who made a comment weeks before he passed away "It is a wonderful world we live in" indeed it is Mr Jones, made richer by people like you, thank you.


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Oxford Street,  Kidderminster
High Street, Ludlow

the Month!


Meet Rex!



Approx 2-3 Years Old 

Rex has found himself back at the kennels and up for re-homing due to his owner's deciding to return him when they found out they were having a baby, They adopted him in July 2014 and returned him to us this month.

He originally came in to us from a private home in October 2013, after spending much of his early life locked in a crate therefore his social skills and behaviour suffered.

Prior to his adoption we were working on his lead work and social skills around other dogs, we are now continuing with this and he is doing very well. 

When he was returned to us he was quite overweight and nervous making him quite a challenge to walk however we've overcome this issue as we are currently walking Rex using a Canny Collar which he is walking beautifully on, and doesn't pull on the lead at all. We are also walking him around the fields with some of our calm, low energy dogs to which he hasn't reacted to and walks well. 

Rex can be quite excitable but he also loves to please and knows some of his basic commands.

He is a very loving dog, he loves to play ball in the playpen and also loves a good fuss! 

As previously mentioned Rex spent the majority of his early life in a crate, when he came in to our kennels the first time he didn't cope very well at all now after being settled in a home environment for 6 months he is struggling worse then ever so really need a forever home as soon as possible. 

Rex would be best suited being the only dog in the home & no cats. 

If you think you can offer Rex the home he so deserves, please contact the kennels on


01299 269 181

Thank you!




Find out how some of our dogs are getting on in their new forever homes.  New pics and stories added to their Second chances page.

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Update from Bruce

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