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We are a small charity based in Worcestershire. 100% reliant on donations, all funds are used to provide for the dogs in our care. We provide much needed care and a safe haven to unwanted, abandoned and mistreated dogs from across the Midlands. Please join us in safeguarding their future!  We hope you enjoy browsing our website, whether you're looking for a dog to join your family, or you simply want to keep up with the great stories of dogs who have been re-homed or just to read about all our other charitable activities,

 thank you for joining us.

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A free service where you can either make a one off donation or organise your own events to raise money for FDR

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MARBLE - Approx 7 Years, SBT, Male
PETE- Approx 2-3 Years, Lurcher, Male

DARBY - Approx 7 Years, Hound, Male

KAISER- Approx 1-2 Years, Husky X, Male

LOTTIE - Approx 3-4 Years, SBT, Female

               MEG- Approx 8 Years - Hound, Female

Carling SBT

To find out more about these dogs or the other dogs currently looking for their forever home please visit their page on MEET THE DOGS!


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Dog of


"Morrison's" Kidderminster

Many thanks again to "Morrisons" in Kidderminster and to their lovely customers for this incredible boot full of mixed goodies for the dogs in our care. 
We are totally in awe of the kindness and support we receive to help all that continue to come through our gates looking for a happy home, thank you all so much.

 "Angels of Mercy" Bikers who raise funds throughout the year plus do a 52 Mile Motorcycle to support their chosen charities.

This wonderful thoughtful group of people have raised funds for the Air Ambulance since 2010 when it was first developed by Mick Worrall.

Since then they have supported other charities along the way and this year we were once again one of the lucky ones alongside "Lullaby" (a children's charity).

We were presented with an incredible £800 cheque by these lovely people and we would like to say on behalf of everyone, thank you all so much for caring for others, its an amazing achievement. which makes so much difference to so many, well done and thanks again each and every one of you :)

Mike Smith Academy Fundraiser

Many thanks Mike and to all your students and colleagues!

Had a great few days - popped over to Forest Dog Rescue on Sunday and handed them a cheque for the money we raised at our student show; £2547.85! What can I saw. A job well done! Thanks to everyone involved in the show; we made a difference to a local charity! Thanks

Wilkinson's Kidderminster

FDR would like to pass on their sincere thanks to everyone at Wilkinson's in Kidderminster and to their wonderful kindhearted customers. 

A Trustee (Sally) was invited along recently to collect an amazing selection of goodies which have been kindly donated by customers while visiting their store, Sally's car was rammed with the unexpected bounty of goodies.

Thank you each and everyone of you for your thoughtfulness and generosity, they will be partying in the kennels for quite a while, thanks again all.

We do try to thank everyone for their kindness and continued support towards FDR and hopefully we don't miss anyone, nothing is taken for granted and we consider this charity to be truly blessed by so many, thank you each and everyone of you 


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Oxford Street,  Kidderminster 

High Street, Ludlow

the Month





Lottie originally into us from a private home and has found herself on the search for a new one as her owners couldn't take her with them to their new rental property. We did manage to find her a home but has had to be returned as her devastated new owner became allergic to her fur.

In her short glimpse into home life she proved that she was house trained and was extremely loving to all family members especially their 12 year old son whom she idolised. She was very affectionate and her behaviour in the house could not be faulted - it was an extremely reluctant return but her owners heath had to take priority. 

Little Lottie is a beautiful natured dog and like many is hating it in kennels and isn't coping well as she can be a sensitive little soul. She just wants to be curled up on a sofa with a human to call her own. When she first came in to us her lead work was appalling but admittedly her owner rarely had her on the lead so it was a new skill for her to develop, thankfully she has picked it up quickly and is improving daily. She does still need a reminder now and again as she forgets she is attached to you but with continuation of her current training she will continue to thrive. 

We have let Lottie off in our playpen where she does like to have a good blast and will come back to you if you call, her previous owner, as mentioned above did have her mainly off lead so she does have a recall but this would need to be worked on with new owners to initiate a bond and ensure she comes back with distractions. 

Lottie is very energetic and inquisitive, she is also a big fan of tennis balls so we figured we would see if agility would be a hobby that she enjoyed. Safe to say she did love it and her tail didn't stop, ok we had to use a lure of a tennis ball but you've got to start somewhere! We also found that she has a very good obedience level, she will sit and wait then come back to you when you call. She is nimble on her toes being a small Staffie so she would make light work of an agility or flyball course with the correct training - she is definitely a candidate that would show the opposition what speed is! (click the link at the bottom of the page to see her first attempt of agility!)

Lottie's original owners said she does get on well with dogs out and about but has never lived with one before so for now she would need to be the only dog in the home. The more she has been in kennels the more reactive she become with other dogs so work will need to be done with her socialisation skills. 

She loves to be cuddled and fussed all over and would certainly feel at home with and suit a family. 

Not cat tested and no children under 5

If you think you can offer Lottie the home she so deserves, please contact the kennels on

01299 269 181

Thank you!

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